PPC refers to Pay Per Click, which means, for each click on the ad you have to pay the service provider. These ads appear above the search results in web search engines and other websites also.

What is White label PPC?

White label PPC means another agency providing PPC services for your agency’s clients under your brand name. It is always important to understand the PPC management company and the services to know how well the client’s work can be completed. White label PPC completely works behind the scene offering 100% best PPC services for a wide variety of other agencies like digital marketing, digital advertising, and web designing, and so on.

This method works well for the agency to improve the scale of business, more profit without the worry of hiring and training in-house. Also reduces company costs in bidding, purchasing and reporting tools, and other expenses to get your clients to work done.

Who needs White label PPC?

For digital marketing agencies 

A digital marketing agency provides several services. But your agency might not have the skills or team to manage PPC services. When you receive a PPC service requirement from the client and you do not have the skills or the potential to deliver the services, white label PPC can help you overcome this by taking responsibility for you. Partnering with white label PPC works well for you and your client. White label PPC provides 100% efficient work and your agency can focus on your core areas of work.

For advertising agencies 

The advertising industry has taken a major turn over and most businesses look forward to online advertising. A traditional advertising agency can benefit from white label PPC by offering the service to the client. Helps in market research, competitor analysis, and acquiring new business.

White label PPC is good for startups 

Startups might not have the fund or a team to manage PPC services. White label PPC is a good start-up, they can sell PPC services a no extra cost and can get more business in the market.

For consultants 

Good for consultants, as white label PPC offers services or solutions to clients which increase your marginal cost. All the client needs and requirements are handled by white label and reported each month.

For social media optimization (SMO) and social media marketing (SMM) 

For a social media marketing agency, when the client needs PPC management service, you can easily provide them with white label PPC management for SMO/SMM. This will provide the client with the best ROI and in turn, will increase your revenue.

Web design companies

Web design companies benefit from white label PPC. If the client comes with a web design requirement and wants traffic to the new website, white label PPC services can do the task for you. PPC service can drive traffic to the website and earn a good revenue on monthly basis. You can earn more from partnering with a white label than from a website design.