An SEO audit is a comprehensive review and study of your website’s strengths and shortcomings from both a technical and marketing standpoint. An SEO website audit, depending on the depth of your study, can provide you with valuable information into how your potential consumers are engaging with your website and how to enhance traffic.

Why Perform an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is essential to any marketing plan, whether you’re the head of a major marketing department or a small business owner searching for a competitive advantage. Customers usually start their search for their desired product or service with a search query. You must be aware of the questions that your potential consumers are asking, and you must be able to respond to them swiftly and completely.

However, there are several obstacles that your clients may face while surfing your website. To begin with, if your website does not rank for any of your chosen keywords, clients will be unable to locate you. This is a search visibility problem. You’re sitting on the sidelines when you could be running because you don’t know what keywords your rivals are ranking for.

Furthermore, you may be overlooking low-hanging fruit in terms of outranking them for long-tail keywords.

When Do You Perform an SEO Audit?

If you haven’t already had your website inspected, now is a good opportunity to do so before the end of the year. The size of your organisation should determine the frequency with which future audits are undertaken.

For example, medium-sized organisations should do an SEO audit at the beginning of each quarter using a company such as This provides your team with goals for the upcoming quarter, as well as key performance indicators (KPIs) or benchmarks, so you and your team know what to anticipate moving forward. Every six months, small companies may choose to do a website audit on their site.

In addition, you should get your website evaluated before embarking on a new project. This will provide you with quantifiable information regarding the performance of your marketing effort, allowing you to maintain what is working and discontinue what isn’t.

How Long Does an Audit Take?

A professional SEO audit might take up to six weeks for medium and big websites. Professional SEOs analyse data for you and assist you in developing a strategy to improve your rankings. The time frame is determined by the number of pages on your website. An SEO audit from a professional SEO takes anything from a week to a month for small to medium-sized enterprises.