Frequently we all experience webpages which display ads irrelevant towards the content of the site. Effective context advertising is difficult to attain within this info glut. It’s not easy for any machine (a context advertising engine) to subtract effectively the topic of articles, according to couple of keywords and keyword intensity. For this reason everyone is attempting to effectively introduce semantic structure in the site content, through content classification, sitemaps and page meta data.

Google aims to continuously enhance the consumer experience around the backed links it promotes on its SERP. It places links for popular (more adopted by users) on better web site spots. This method can also be more profitable for Google.

Most established web publishers don’t want to possess irrelevant ads or poor links on their own pages, when adopted worsen the consumer experience and also the perceived excellence of the referring site. This damages the status of the site. Hence they make handles advertisers to be able to place ads of known companies, mixed up in market the website is targeting. These ads are frequently banner advertising, however they might also involve contextual advertising.

As on-line advertising market matures, it’s likely to offer services to web publishers, which entail forwarding ads which are strongly related the site subject printed. This might entail additional complexity for sites and pages updated frequently. Furthermore, on-line advertising market makers are anticipated introducing differentiated advertising services. For instance they may see value in offering services that are targeting internet sites of the specific maturity level only, or offer services for particular vertical markets (e.g. property).

However, web publishers should monitor the relevance from the ads which are given to their pages. Article banks which host an extensive selection of subjects shouldn’t publish ads on their own webpage, since these ads will be irrelevant towards the user interest generally.

There’s high possibility of further improvement from the methods behind contextual advertising. On-line advertising market makers are studying methods to enhance the Customer experience. On the other hand, web publishers should facilitate engines to higher comprehend the context of the content.

The on-line advertising market must achieve an account balance between revenue making and market status & maturity building goals. These goals are aligned within the lengthy term since an invaluable customer experience is only going to yield elevated revenue & enhanced status.