Sandblasting has been around for a long time, and over the years, many other materials aside from sand have been developed to use with compressed air for abrasive solutions. Today, abrasive blasting is used in a multitude of ways, which include the following:

  • Auto Work – Whether you wish to clean an old engine, or prepare the bodywork for the paint spray, look for a sandblaster in Perth who offers a mobile choice. This will save you hours of hard manual work, plus abrasive blasting literally removes all residue, leaving the component looking like new.
  • Stone & Pavers – Whether natural stone or man-made pavers, sandblasting will magically restore the material to its original state, and with a range of special flat nozzles, large areas can be cleaned in no time. This can also be an effective way to clean pathways and the drive, and if your home is of brick or stone construction, the entire exterior can be sandblasted, then sealed, which prolongs the life of the building.
  • Paint Removal – We all know how frustrating this can be, yet sandblasting will quickly remove paint from almost every surface, including plaster, wood, brick and steel. Any metal item that is going to be painted, must first be thoroughly cleaned, and you can’t find a better solution than abrasive blasting.
  • Render Preparation – If you are planning to render your exterior walls, it is vital that the surfaces are free of dirty & grime, which would affect the adhesive properties of the rendering plaster. The pro sandblaster would have all the equipment he needs and your entire wall surfaces would be spotless within a few hours and the rendering can begin.
  • Sandstone Restoration – Any building that has sandstone walls can really benefit from sandblasting, which very quickly restores the stone it its original state. This can really transform a property and is certainly something to consider when putting your home up for sale, or simply to give it a facelift. Abrasive blasting can be used on other types of stone, and there are many other mediums apart from sand that can be used to achieve the desired finish.
  • Steel Blasting – The mining and shipping industries both rely heavily on sandblasting, as this strips machinery surfaces, ready for priming and repainting. Heavy mining machinery really does face terrible conditions, with dust, mud and grime quickly building up on metal surfaces, and without abrasive blasting, these industries could no operate as they do.

While there are large sandblasting machines at mining sites and other industrial uses, you can easily locate a mobile specialist, who can clean anything. Those hard-to-reach places can be blasted, leaving the surfaces 100% clean and ready to be primed, and regardless of size, shape or location, the mobile sandblaster can handle it all.

Protective Coatings
Usually, the sandblaster would also offer protective coating solutions, as this is the next step after sandblasting, and with a single company offering a comprehensive solution, many heavy industry companies can achieve longer lifespan from their heavy machinery.

If you are in need of abrasive blasting, Google is your best friend and will help you locate a nearby sandblasting firm who have all the solutions.

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