Love cosmetics and want to launch a new career? You might want to think about starting your own brand. Cosmetic brands are increasingly being launched by ordinary people, rather than celebrities or big companies, because people want to buy from independent businesses that offer something special. Here’s how you could potentially start your own firm.

Find a manufacturer

In the past, only large businesses had direct access to manufacturing plants, which is one of the best ways to make large volumes of cosmetics. Now, it’s easy to find a cosmetic manufactory in Thai (known as โรงงานเครื่องสำอาง ในไทย in Thai) who can make your products, so you should look at the costs involved to see whether it can work for you.

Think about what you want to include in your line and get prices for manufacturing and packaging. You can then work out how much you’ll need to sell to make a profit, and the kind of price point, which will help you decide whether to launch a budget or luxury brand.

Find a platform to sell

Many independent brands sell directly on their own websites, but also sell products through third party retailers. The former option makes your brand more exclusive, while the latter gives you a bigger potential market, so choose wisely. Start approaching stores if you want them to be stockists.

Market your brand

Even before you launch your online shop, you should think about marketing your brand. You can do this by:

  • Using social media – from influencers to sponsored ads and organic posting, there are many ways you can use social media to build a following.
  • Create some press releases and send them to journalists and PR people, as this will help you get media coverage.
  • Try to use viral marketing to get the word out.

Don’t just stick to one platform. There are multiple social media platforms that can be used to market cosmetics and people will use sites from Instagram to Snapchat to inform their purchasing decisions.

A new cosmetic brand isn’t something you can start overnight, but it is possible to build a buzz and get great word of mouth before you’ve sent out your products. Nowadays, anyone can launch their own line, so if you have an idea for a cosmetics business, then don’t put it off any longer. All you need to do is decide what to sell and market it properly, and it’s likely you’ll be able to get your idea off the ground.